Hooked On Glass

This collection is entirely inspired in the famous Venetian Murano glass, Willa has added a new dimension to the stiffness of the glass making it almost organic, the chandeliers with their swaying arms portray a sense of movement and at times her bent bottles a sensation of cheekiness. She has masterfully captured the colours for which this glass is famous.

All works are oil on canvas and are original and exclusive, please contact us for further information.

Symphony In Blu Image

Symphony In Blu

80 X 80 cm

Arms Of Joy Image

Arms Of Joy

73 X 92 cm

Multicolour Image


80 X 80 cm

Red Chandelier Image

Red Chandelier

14th June 2016

Orange Symphony Image

Orange Symphony

80 X 80 cm

The Venetians Image

The Venetians

80 X 80 cm

The Elite Image

The Elite

65 X 92 cm

Calici Veneziani Image

Calici Veneziani

80 X 80 cm

Calici Delle Streghe Image

Calici Delle Streghe

54 X 65 cm

Bolle Trio Image

Bolle Trio

80 X 80 cm

Would You Like To Dance Image

Would You Like To Dance

63 X 92 cm

Three's a Crowed Image

Three’s a Crowed

58 X 89 cm

Two's Company Image

Two’s Company

46 X 65 cm

Who Cares Image

Who Cares

73 X 92 cm

Two Flowers Image

Two Flowers

80 X 80 cm

Photo Shoot Image

Photo Shoot

80 X 80 cm

To The Ball Image

To The Ball

63 X 92 cm

We're so cool Image

We’re So Cool

62 X 78 cm

The Reunion Iamge

The Reunion

92 X 65 cm

Don't Push Image

Don’t Push

65 X 53 cm

The Collection Image

The Collection

14th June 2016



93 X 65 cm

scent of a woman image

Scent of a woman

40 X 40 cm

Keeping Company Image

Keeping Company

60 X 60 cm



116 X 80 cm