Previous Classics

“Previous classics” collection This collection is an example of Willa’s talent, she can portray any object and turn it into a work of art, these paintings are the foundation of an artist who has matured into developing her own unique style, taking elements of her previous technique and creating improvisation to create another that’s exciting and new.

Lilies in a Fish Bowl Image

Lilies in a Fish Bowl

80 X 80 cms

Orange Branch Image

Orange Branch

80 X 80 cm

Oranges Image


120 X 90 cm

Pumpkin Image


90 X 70 cm

Chumbos Image


135 X 100 cm

Janes Tea Pot Image

Janes Tea Pot

14th June 2016

Tea Pots II Image

Tea Pots II

14th June 2016

China Men Image

China Men

80 X 80 cm

The Rug Image

The Rug

14th June 2016

Carnival Time Image

Carnival Time

145 x 123 cm

Detail Of Carnivals Image

Detail Of Carnivals

14th June 2016

Oriental Flowers Image

Oriental Flowers

100 X 73 cm

The Red Teapot Image

The Red Teapot

100 X 100 cm

Gondola Image


80 X 80 cm

Lilies & Lemons Image

Lilies & Lemons

60 X 120 cm

Cherries Image


100 X 50 cm

Summer Fruits Image

Summer Fruits

90 X 73 cm

Cat Woman Image

Cat Woman

50 X 60 cm

Masks Still Life Image

Masks Still Life

13th June 2016

Hanging Masks Image

Hanging Masks

61 X 95 cm

Aloes Image


100 X 50 cm

Patio Plants Image

Patio Plants

100 X 50 cm

Happy Bamboo Image

Happy Bamboo

129 X 60 cm