Scent of an Artist

This unusual collection depicts sections of blown up Art Deco scent bottles, the depth and translucency of these works show Willa at her best. The bottles have been used to create geometric forms and the bold use of colour to create sensation.

All works are oil on canvas and are original and exclusive, please contact us for further information.



40 x 40 cm

Grey Hues Image

Grey Hues

40x40 cm

Composition Image


60 X 60 cm

Cool Blues Image

Cool Blues

40 X 40 cm

Crystal Clear Image

Crystal Clear

40 X 40 cm

Debutants Image


40 X 40 cm

Deco Lights Image

Deco Lights

40 X 40 cm

Reflections Image


60 X 60 cm

Warm Scents Image

Warm Scents

40 X 40 cm

Back to back Image

Back to back

60 x 60 cm

Afternoon Hues Image

Afternoon Hues

40 x 40 cm

Kaleidoscope Image


50 X 71 cm

Kaleisoscope 2 Image

Kaleisoscope 2

40 X 40 cm

Orange Hues Image

Orange Hues

40 X 40 cm

Quandangle Image


60 X 60 cm