New Works Collection

“New works” taken from the title of Willa’s latest exhibition.
For this Exhibition Willa brings together a body of work anchored in her masterful handling of colour and strong draughtsmanship. The purity and independence of her works tending towards abstraction reveal a poetic vision of the world and life.

All works are oil on canvas and are original and exclusive, please contact us for further information.

Still Life With Tulips Image

Still life with White Tulips

73 X 120 cm

Calla Lilies Image

Calla Lilies

70 X 90 cm

Pears Image


73 x 50 cm

Tuscan Still Life image

Tuscan Still Life

80 X 80 cm

Tuscan Landscape Image

Tuscan Landscape

54 x 66 cm


Quinces and Bling

80 x 100 cm

Still Life With Apples Image

Still Life With Apples

81 X 116 cm

Murano Bottles Image

Murano bottles

54 X 66 cm

The Violin Image

The Violin

54 X 66 cm

The Swimming Pool Image

The Swimming Pool

50 X 73 cm

Central Park Image

Central Park

100 x 120 cm

Tea Pots Image

Tea Pots

54 X 66 cm

Girl In Black Hat Image

Girl in a Black Hat

65 X 81 cm

Girl in a Wrap Image

All Wrapped Up

60 X 130 cm

Jasmine Image


81 X 116 cm

girl in a black dress image

Girl in a black dress

65 X 81 cm

Red Tulips Image

Red Tulips

80 X 80 cm

Lillies Image


80 X 80 cm

Orchids Image


80 X 80 cm

Grey Melody Image

Grey melody

65 X 81 cm